The Boat

Karaka is made of steel, with a nicely shaped round bilge full keel. The plates on the hull are 6mm thick and on the deck 5mm. She is 52ft (16.5m) overall, 48 ft on deck, 15 ft(4.5m) beam. 42 ft waterline. The draft is 7ft (2m). She weights between 25 and 30 metric tons depending if the tanks are full or not.

She got center cockpit, with pilothouse, and is flushdeck, which means huge areas to lie around. The poop deck got a table and bench, a sunset drink dream come true.

The Crew


joined Karaka in northern Mexico in October 2012 and left the boat in Tahiti in September 2013.
He is still a vagabond.


Zack first sailed on Karaka between Costa Rica and Mexico in late 2010, then came back to join the boat in Mexico in October 2012 and left in Tahiti in September 2013. He now runs his own kayak touring company.


Cesar traded his tequila and made it back home in the sea of Cortes.


Tara first joined Karaka in 2009 for a six month stint in the Caribbean, sailing in Panama, Colombia, Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba. She visited the boat several times and came back in December 2012 in Mexico until we left Panama for the Pacific in may 2013. She became her own skipper but lost her boat in Puerto Rico during cyclone Maria. She now owns a farm in northern California.


Eric joined the boat in Mexico in October 2012 and left in Costa Rica in February 2012. He did find his soulmate and he did purchase some acreage and he is now living in British Colombia, Canada.

Kat, the cat

Kat passed away on the island of Borneo, age 12, after having completed a circumnavigation on board Karaka.

Tom, the Captain

Tom is still sailing Karaka, taking crew and enjoying life.

Check his website to find out more : www.karaka.org

Simon, the Filmaker